Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brand New Greensboro City Manager Rashad Young Had A Stick Foot In Mouth Problem

In the "Inside Scoop" section of the Greensboro News & Record Amanda Lehmert or Killian has a post titled "Catching Up With Rashad Young" CLICKHERE
or click on the title above.
Roch 101 already has a post on what was said by the 3 day old Greensboro City Manager Rashad Young CLICKHERE

Then we have ed cone as well chiming in on what was said CLICKHERE .

Here is what was said in the post by the brand new Greensboro City Manager ,
"But one Greensboro tradition he won’t continue is being a blog reader. Dayton had its share of blogs, too, Young said. And they served as an unneeded distraction.
“I don’t have time for the noise,” Young said."

Blogs are a unneeded distraction and he doesn't have time for the noise. Nice way to greet us bloggers in the neighborhood, you better watch out because local blogger FEC CLICKHERE might have a few words of wisdom.
There has been a lot great post by plenty of people all over this area when it comes to certain aspects of life in the triad area of North Carolina. To hear a new city manager say things like what was said above is enough to make sure that he knows that this noise from the triad blogosphere will not go away and will probably be a loud humming in his ear for a long time to come so get accustomed to many aspects of the blogosphere from Triadwatch and plenty of other bloggers as well.
Good luck with the noise and be on the look out for some freedom of information "foi" request in the future.

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Fec said...

Thanks for the mention. I read some Dayton blogs. You may ahve even linked to them. They don't seem to enjoy the vibrant online community we have.

Definitely strike one for Mr. Young. I personally think he's doomed to fail. His exit from Dayton was ugly. Greensboro's political infighting is tough for seasoned veterans. I predict they'll gut him like a fish with a year.

triadwatch said...

i do remember there was a blog from the suburds that was very critical of Mr. YOung and tried to find it but to no avail.

It seems like a lot of us had something to say on this topic. Will see what happens in future but the council meeting on tuesday had a bevy of issues on the docket to ponder.

Looks like the landlords got what they wanted and it will be a huge issue in future where they are going to have to recoup close to 800,000 on water write offs,

this from a memo
"Lien Law abandonment impacts (What would happen):

1. Bad debt write-off will increase significantly from $12,000 per year to range of $640,000 to $800,000 annually for all customer accounts if Lien Law cannot be used to enforce payment of delinquent utility accounts (see other City comparisons below). This will lead to changes in the Collections process (increased staffing or use of credit agencies to recoup bad debt) and will lead to increased administrative costs and an increase in rates to cover the expenses. All customers will be impacted by the change in policy. This could be accommodated by:
a. Raising rates (user fees) of all customers
b. Increasing sign-up fee from $15 to $50-$75 for all accounts (this is a one-time non-refundable charge)
c. Increasing deposits dramatically for renters and collecting deposits from property owners.

Anonymous said...

No givesy-backsies, Greensboro...
Dayton, OH.
PS-Watch out for his performance bonus. And he WILL get one.

triadwatch said...

anon, thanks for the heads up . Might just have to do a foi on someone's contract and performance bonus and what in entails, thanks. There will be plenty i am sure in future on the new city manager.Come back often we have a lot of bloggers in the neighborhood.