Monday, September 14, 2009

Who Are The Usual Suspects on The Greensboro Downtown Consolidated Plan Core Group?

Donald Patterson from the Greensboro News & Record has a article on September 7, 2009 with a title."Plan Will Set Priorities for Downtown" CLICKHERE . In the article this was said"The group is working through a 15-member team that includes Mayor Yvonne Johnson and Melvin “Skip” Alston, chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners"
Below the fold you will see the list of who is actually on this 15 member Downtown Greensboro Colsolidated Plan Core Group ,with a slew of the "USUAL SUSPECTS" on this core 15 member group. Could we just rename the City of Greensboro, BRYANBORO or MELVINBORO or SIMKINSBORO and be done with it. It is also nice to see that the most politically connected developer in town gets a prime seat on this core group in Roy"Can I Offer You A Plane Ride" Carroll.
Downtown Consolidated Plan Core Group:

The Core Group will be responsible for managing and directing the planning process. Members represent major economic stakeholders will thoroughly examine and develop specific draft proposals and recommendations. The group will also serve to lead advocacy efforts to implement projects from the plan into the future. The Core Group will generally meet on a monthly basis.

DGI Staff - Ed Wolverton
City Planning - Dick Hails
Elected Official (City) – Mayor Yvonne Johnson
Elected Official (County) – Skip Alston
Professional – John McClendon
Bryan Foundation - Ed Kitchen
DGI Chairman - Michael Schiftan
Property Owner – Roy Carroll
Community – Ralph Johnson , on the Greensboro Zoning Commission Board
Moses Cone Hospital – Mike Roskelly
VF Corporation – Frank Terkelson
Downtown Resident – Afrique Kilimanjaro, Carolina Peacemaker
Action Greensboro - April Harris
County Planning – Les Eger
City Manager/Econ. Development – Andy Scott
Neighborhood – Mac Sims , East Market Street Development

Support Staff:
Action Greensboro - Cecelia Thompson
City Planning - Mary Sertell
City Planning – Mike Kirkman
GDOT – Adam Fischer
In addition to the Core Committee, the Downtown Consolidated Plan will involve a larger (30+) Advisory Committee representing an expanded list of downtown related interests.
There will also be multiple community meetings (with direct mailings to all downtown property owners and other advertising means) and potentially some smaller focus groups addressing specific downtown interests or geographic areas.
The development of the Downtown Consolidated Plan was authorized earlier this year through resolutions adopted by both the City of Greensboro and Guilford County. Additional suggestions on public involvement for this process are welcomed. Additional questions may be addressed to Dick Hails (373-2922), Mike Kirkman (373-4649) or Mary Sertell (373-4769).
This information below the fold was sent to me from Cindy Briggs in Public Affairs Department for City of Greensboro with a Freedom of Information Act request for this information.

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