Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Greensboro North Carolina Municipal Elections with Listing of Candidates With No Reports

Welcome to the Guilford County Board of Elections

The Greensboro North Carolina 2009 municipal election is heating up and it is time to post on the candidates who do not have any information that has been posted on the Guilford County Board of Elections web site.

Here is what is written on the State Board of Elections under organizing a committee.

After completing the Statement of Organization-Candidate Committee and
the Certification of Financial Account Number Information forms, the
candidate must determine if they intend to receive and/or spend over
$3,000 on the campaign during the election cycle. Keep in mind, any
personal money a candidate spends counts toward the $3,000 limit. If
the candidate determines they will NOT spend over $3,000 for the
12 election cycle (refer to the definition of election cycle in the GLOSSARY), a
Certification of Threshold form (CRO-3600) must be completed. This
Certification states that the candidate will not receive and/or spend over
$3,000 for the election cycle. Please refer to the section on Threshold
requirements for specific information regarding this status.

So as you can see there is a $3,000 threshold but maybe in the future this $3,000 threshold will be obsolete because there might be a bill that will make reporting of campaign finances will be dropped to $500 or hopefully in future it will go down to ZERO so that everyone is held accountable to each dollar that comes into the campaign. This is called transparency.

The Guilford County Board of Elections has a section of their web site called Candidates Financial Reports you can get there from clicking on the title above or the welcome sign at top of page. Below is a list of the Greensboro municipal candidates who have nothing online .

Greensboro At Large
Max Benbassat, no report online
Jorge Cornell, no report online
Gary Nixon, no report online
Danny Thompson, no report online and has already brought out commercials on facebook and looks like they were professionally done . Also has signs all over town and hasn't met the $3,000 threshold , odd.

District #1
T. Dianne Bellamy Small, no report online
Charles Coffey, no report online
Luther Falls, no report online
Ben Holder, no report online
Jeramy Reid, no report online

District #2
Nettie Coad, no report online
Dan Fischer, no report online
Gordon Hester, no report online

District #3
All candidates have a 35 day report

District #4
Mike Martin, no report online
Joseph Rahenkamp, no report online

District #5
Art Boyette, only organizational report

Also saw a sign for people to vote Yes on the Natural Science Center bond. I Hope this organization is going to register with the Guilford County Board of Elections under the section where referendum committees need to register because if you have signs already out then you are getting money into your campaign.

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