Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Erik Huey Has A New Blog in Vegas, Watch Out Mayor Oscar Goodman

My good friend Erik Huey has started a new blog in Las Vegas called The Vegas Valley View CLICKHERE

The Mayor of Las Vegas Oscar Goodman better be on his best behavior.

Good luck with this new blog.
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James said...

i feel sorry for him,
he lost the race for school board
then i got the news he lost his job here then his wife? holy crap!
i see why he ran away now from greensboro! i feel sorry for him!

triadwatch said...

james, yes it was a bad time but eric is doing fine in vegas with a new job and starting a new blog there as well. He has family in vegas. He is a good friend and wish him well , thanks for the comment.

triadwatch said...

sorry for the misspell it is erik not eric

Anonymous said...

As a former friend of Mr. Huey, please allow me to set the record straight before he is garnered any more sympathy. As a friend of the Hueys (Erik and his former wife)I know that Mr. Huey did not lose his wife but rather he walked out on his wife and child. Mr. Huey, according to fact, did not lose his job here in NC but quit his job after he moved to Vegas. Lets have fair and accurate reporting. Mr. Huey's problems seem to be a consequence of his own making.

triadwatch said...

i didn't do much reporting on this post, i don't want to get into family matters but wanted to wish him good luck on his new endeavor in vegas.