Thursday, July 9, 2009

CONVERGE RIGHT 2009 with Plenty To Talk About


Sam Hieb, Piedmont Publius CLICKHERE
Sam Spagnola, The Spag Report CLICKHERE
Jeffrey Sykes, A Priori Concepts CLICKHERE

Tony Wilkins, Busy Being Born CLICKHERE
Beelzebubba, renown blog commentator
Cheripickr, renown blog commentator
Dr. Joe Guarino, Guarino CLICKHERE
Bob "Bubba" Grenier, Noteworthy CLICKHERE
Keith Brown, Triadwatch CLICKHERE and with my first foray into the blogosphere as well in Protest Petition for Greensboro CLICKHERE

Here is a picture revealed on Tony wilkins blog CLICKHERE with 2 online blog commentators who are well known by all in cheripickr then tony wilkins then beelzebubba.

The meet up at the Greensboro Grasshoppers game was a great time had by all and to see a lot of new faces that I have only seen online was a treat. Many stories were shared and many observations were talked about .Look forward to more great post by many different avenues we all take in the blogosphere.

We also have some commentary from i hope my good friend FEC with a title called
"The Humpty Dumpty Bunch", CLICKHERE .

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Roch101 said...

Hey! How come I wasn't invited to ConvergeWhite?

triadwatch said...

Yea I hear ya Roch.

Fecund Stench said...

Why in the world would I be angry? of course, I often need little excuse. I had to say something or bust. Actually, I'd thought of the moniker some time ago and had been itching for an excuse to use it. Getting together for a ballgame or whatever is great. It's the other foolishness they have to pay for.

triadwatch said...

the humpty picture was great.