Monday, June 29, 2009

Greensboro Mayor Amends 2007 and 2008 Campaign Forms for Second Time

Greensboro Mayor Yvonne Johnson has had to amend her 2007 and 2008 Campaign Contribution forms for the second time in the past month. This all started when Triadwatch was looking at the Mayor's campaign forms and noticed that in her 2008 Mid Year report she had a negative balance of -($3,087.56) then you proceed to see her 2008 year end report CLICKHERE then proceed to yvonne johnson on list of candidates, it shows at positive balance of $12,049.01 with no reporting of any contributions from individuals or PAC's for the whole year only expenditures that equaled $2,551.40.

How can a candidate go from a negative to a positive balance with no contributions being brought in? This was the question to the Guilford County Board of Elections. But as the late, great Billy Mays would say " But Wait There's More" .

If you want to see the campaign contribution forms for 2007 CLICKHERE then proceed to Yvonne Johnson this will show you that the Mayor's 35 day report was amended twice and also the 2007 year end semi annual was amended twice with the mayor's treasurer last amending the forms on 6-9-2009.

While we are on the subject of Mayor Johnson's 2007 Year End Semi Annual report . Triadwatch has also found a huge discrepancy in her contribution information not given to the Guilford County Board of Elections. To see these forms click on the title of this post above which is "Greensboro Mayor Amends 2007 and 2008 Campaign Forms for Second Time" or CLICKHERE then proceed to year end semi annual for 2007.

North Carolina election laws states the following below

NCGS 173-278.11 states

(1) Contributions. – Except as provided in subsection (a1) of this section, a list of all contributions received by or on behalf of a candidate, political committee, or referendum committee. The statement shall list the name and complete mailing address of each contributor, the amount contributed, the principal occupation of the contributor, and the date such contribution was received. The total sum of all contributions to date shall be plainly exhibited. Forms for required reports shall be prescribed by the Board.

As used in this section, "principal occupation of the contributor" means the contributor's:a. Job title or profession; andb. Employer's name or employer's specific field of business activity."

Let's take a closer look at Mayor Johnson's 2007 year end semi annual campaign contribution report.
There were a total of 46 individual contributions given and out of those 46 as stated above 40 of those forms were left empty. On top of the 40 out of 46 with the above statute there were 7 missing addresses. There was also a unusual contribution from a company called click and pledge for a total of $188.94,if these new ways of giving are going to be used in future then they need to start providing the information to the treasurers as to who gave the $188.94.

The municipal election for Greensboro is just around the corner and the treasurers of all these candidates need to be aware of election law and filling out the proper forms to make sure it is filled out correctly just ask Guilford County Commissioners Paul Gibson, Skip Alston,and candidate Larry Proctor who had to amend their returns as well. The lax reporting needs to change and the time is now.

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