Thursday, June 11, 2009

Full Disclosure of the Greensboro Urban Loop Compliments of Vie De Malchance


This is a full disclosure memo to the citizens of northern Greensboro North Carolina. FEC over at Vie De Malchance CLICKHERE has a great post titled "Battle Forest". In the post you will see the location of the loop in detail pictures starting at around cotswold terrace and ending up at Highway 29. If you live in this area of Greensboro and wanted to see a close up of where the loop is going to be in regards to your house please check out this post.

Also FEC has started a wiki on the URBAN LOOP and it is a great place to see everything you need to see about the urban loop and all the developers in the loop area as well in the northern part of the loop. Here is the link to the WIKI

CLICKHERE and here is the front page of the wiki

"This wiki (What I Know Is) is for Greensboro citizens to track imprudent use of her resources for personal gain. I intend to initially concentrate on property developers who built homes in the proposed northern path of the Urban Loop. "


Fecund Stench said...

That looks suspiciously like a 12" hot italian. Thanks.

triadwatch said...

yep it is