Friday, May 29, 2009

Guilford County Commissioner Paul Gibson with a Letter from N.C. Board of Elections on Campaign Amending

Guilford County Commissioner Paul Gibson (D) was turned in to the North Carolina Board of Elections for his pathetic campaign contribution forms back on November 3, 2008 and the North Carolina Board of Elections finally has sent out a letter dated May 21, 2009 in regards to this issue.If you want something to not be investigated in a timely matter please don't send it to the North Carolina Board of Elections.

To see the official letter please click on the title above.

In regards to Paul Gibson and his campaign returns all you need to do is look at his 2008 third quarter returns CLICKHERE , then click on Paul Gibson.

Paul Gibson had a total of 42 indvidual contributions with 32 forms incomplete and where state law mandates that you have both employer name and job profession and in those 21 of them were left completely blank.

Let's move on to where Paul Gibson had to amend his third quarter campaign contribution forms on November 13, 2008 and where the North Carolina State Board of Elections has stated that he has complied with most of the occupation and employer discrepencies on his original report.

Here is my return letter back to the North Carolina Board of Elections in regards to this inquiry:

Dear Adam Ragan,

Thanks for the response in to the campaign forms or non campaign forms filled out by Guilford County Commissioner Paul Gibson which you sent in the mail with the attachment included. I am trying to figure out how you can say that his amended forms were properly amended . The reason I say this is because NCGS 173-278.11 states and I quote

(1) Contributions. – Except as provided in subsection (a1) of this section, a list of all contributions received by or on behalf of a candidate, political committee, or referendum committee. The statement shall list the name and complete mailing address of each contributor, the amount contributed, the principal occupation of the contributor, and the date such contribution was received. The total sum of all contributions to date shall be plainly exhibited. Forms for required reports shall be prescribed by the Board. As used in this section, "principal occupation of the contributor" means the contributor's:
a. Job title or profession; and
b. Employer's name or employer's specific field of business activity."

As you can see the principal occupation of the contributor consists of both Job Title or profession and also Employers name or specific field of business activity. As you can see it wants both fields filled out on the form. So in the 2008 third quarter Mr. Gibson had a total of 42 individual contributions with 32 incomplete forms with 21 of those having both areas incomplete where the job title is needed and where his employer is needed as well.

Let's move on to his amended forms where there are a total of 39 individual forms. Where did Rich Winslow, and Richard Jennings go to ? Also if you think that going from 32 forms incomplete down to 20 forms incomplete is best efforts then I would like to see what criteria you give to best efforts.

While we are on the subject of best efforts when it relates to candidates you might want to make sure you send out a updated form on best efforts because the one you sent me in the mail still has the $100 threshold. Is this the correct form to send out? Did Mr, Gibson comply with best efforts and if so then please explain.

This reporting of Guilford County Commissioner Paul Gibson is only the beginning. There has been a complete lax reporting from a lot of candidates dating back years and needs to be cleaned up and with the cooperation of you and the Guilford County Board of Elections we can make a difference in the transparency of local elections here in Guilford County

To have these campaign treasurers hide under the umbrella of "Best Efforts", is a total cop out and a joke. . They need to show under state law what was stated above employer's name and job title or profession. Not one or the other but both.

Paul Gibson is his own treasurer and to see him only put job title as restaurant for Ken Conrad when everyone knows he owns Libby Hill Restaurants or Arthur Winstead Jr. and all you say is accountant come on Paul Gibson I think you know who Arthur Winstead works for DMJ. or Tom Terrell Jr. can anyone say the most connected law firm in town in Smith Moore or the funniest one is labeling Steve Showfety as a real estate manager , Koury Corporation can be inserted in to the name of the employer if you wish. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to fill in the blanks but it seems like no one wants to do it correctly. It might be time for Guilford County Commissioner to hire a treasurer because using himself doesn't work.

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