Thursday, May 14, 2009

Campaign Financing in North Carolina Will Get More Transparent With House Bill #388

Courtesy of State House Representative Pricey Harrison from Guilford County in her weekly e-blast. There is a new law that will bring more accountability in the campaign disclosure of elections all over the state of North Carolina. Click on the title above to see House Bill #388 and here is what was in the e-blast

"The threshold for reporting campaign contributions would be lowered to $500 under a bill that passed the House this week (HB 388)*. Existing law exempts candidates who raise less than $3,000 from having to submit detailed reports of contributions, loans, and expenditures. The intent of lowering that amount to $500 is to keep political candidates more honest about their contributions and expenditures. The bill is now in the Senate."

This bill is now on to the Senate side of our State House and will need to let our local representatives know that this bill needs your support to show more transparency on campaign finance. It would be great to get this threshold down to showing everything down to the penny but hopefully this new bill is a huge step in the right direction.Great bill that needs to be passed.

To contact your representative

State Senator Don Vaughan CLICKHERE

State Senator Katie Dorsett CLICKHERE

State Senator Phil Berger CLICKHERE

State Senator Stan Bingham CLICKHERE

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