Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ACCESS DENIED to Randleman Lake, Local Politician Speaks Out


Imagine the frustration to know that you have paid over a $150,000,000.00 for something. It’s ready for you to use and enjoy, but someone tells you, ACCESS DENIED. Welcome to the weird world of Randleman Lake and Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority CLICKHERE or click on the title above. That’s what they said at their last meeting. All recreational ACCESS DENIED until next March of 2010.

PTRWA board members and its Director John Kime feel that the public has no rights of access to enjoy the fishing, paddling and natural beauty of the lake until they say the time is right. Certainly, the North Carolina Fish and Wildlife agents who tested the water and evaluated the fish feel they are big enough to catch. They shared their results with the PTRWA board at their last meeting, just prior to the board’s ruling, ACCESS DENIED.

The lake is at or near full pool and the water is settling out and clearing up very nicely. I visited with Executive Director John Kime recently and he said that the water quality tests were all exceeding everyone’s expectations. The only reason for delay Mr. Kime could share with me was in getting Duke Power to extend electric service to the recently completed public boat access and restrooms. According to Director Kime, that service should be in place by mid July of this year.

So the question is, ACCESS DENIED? Certainly an electric generator could be provided for electricity until Duke Power can extend the line for a more permanent connection. The weather’s perfect, the waters fine and we have spent more than $150,000,000.00 for a water source and recreational asset. ACCESS DENIED!

Latimer Alexander
High Point City Council Member

The City of High Point has invested $31,409,002.00 to date and has a 19% share in the Lake and water plant. Greensboro, Randolph County, Jamestown, Archdale and Randleman have invested the balance of the $150,000,000.00


If you would like to let the PTRWA know how you feel then please contact them here:


2216 W. Meadowview Rd.Wilmington Building, Suite 204

Greensboro, NC 27407

Phone: (336) 547-8437

Fax: (336) 851-0720

Email: ptrwa@ptrwa.org

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Anonymous said...

Well the lake's open, but they are now restricting access to the Deep river upstream of the impoundment.
Sad enough if you ask me that the river is not even close to free-flowing, but now they won't let anybody use the river upstream of groometown road. PTRWA sucks!