Monday, April 6, 2009

Watchdog Warns Guilford County Politicians in Short Stack from News & Record

In today's Greensboro News & Record CLICKHERE or click on the title above. The Short Stack has a title called "Watchdog Warns Politicians". Here is what was said in the article ,

Keith Brown started a movement that led to reinstatement of protest-petition rights for Greensboro citizens. Now he’s prompted a finding by the N.C. State Board of Elections that Action Greensboro made an improper donation of $5,000 to the George Simkins Memorial PAC for supporting bond proposals.
Brown, who writes the Triad Watch blog, says his research indicates many Guilford County politicians are lax in following campaign-finance reporting rules. He’s probably right, and those politicians warrant closer scrutiny. If they don’t comply with the law when they’re running for office, they won’t when they’re in office.

With the Greensboro City Council local elections coming up in the fall . This will give the politicians ample time to make sure they play by the rules that govern this state in regards to campaign contribution's . If you would like to get a free screening on your forms before you turn them in to the Guilford County Board of Elections please let me know and I can give you the TRIADWATCH seal of approval. Let's see if anyone wants to take me up on this offer, especially Zack Matheny and all his TREBIC CARTEL contributions.


Anonymous said...

I'll take your challenge and let you double check my campaign finance reports. I DEFINITELY want the TriadWatch seal of approval! lol (Teresa Jobe for Greensboro City Council -- District 4)

triadwatch said...

you are on, and it looks like you got a present handed to you with mike barber not running in district. We will see how that pans out. Let me know when you turn in your forms and will look over them and need to come up with a stamp design for this .