Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ryan Shell Love Fest For Greensboro City Council Has Started Minus Roch

Better late than never to the party but today it has been revealed that Ryan Shell has put his name in to the hat as running for a seat on the Greensboro City Council. He will either run for a at-large seat or run in the Disrtict #2 vacated by Greensboro City Council member Goldie Wells.Ryan Shell already has adopted a street and he might just put this mugshot all over town, watch out Greensboro here comes the Ryan Shell yard sign profile and all.

Here are a few of the post on this announcement:
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"New City Council Candidate Announced This Morning" at Greensboro Politics CLICKHERE
"Shell May Prove Formidable for D-2" at Greensboro Metro CLICKHERE
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Then Buzzkill comes in to play, "Ryan Shell Throws His Hat in Ring- - Sort Of"

We also have the orator of all orators in FEC "The Glass Jaw", CLICKHERE

If you want to see Ryan Shell's campaign web site CLICKHERE or click on the title above.

One aspect of his campaign platform on his web site under issues has to deal with the appointment of citizens to boards and commissions in Greensboro. Here is what is on the site:

"Boards & Commissions - While serving on the Greensboro Board of Adjustments I’ve realized that the balance of our various Boards and Commissions is off kilter and that needs to be addressed. For example, the Board of Adjustments should not have two members of the same company sitting on the Board. This can cause progress to be greatly impeded upon should the individuals have a conflict of interest with one of the Board’s cases. Additionally, the methodology in which the council appoints citizens and the information they are provided about the current makeup of Boards and Commissions needs to be re-examined."

To say "off kilter" is an understatement. This has been talked about plenty in the past and needs to be addressed as a whole council in the future. All you need to do is CLICKHERE to hear what David Wharton had to say about the Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition (TREBIC).


Anonymous said...

is he going to give $$$ to the PAC?

thats the only way I see him getting elected.

Fecund Stench said...

He's a wet fart running embarrassingly down the leg of Greensboro.

I can't imagine a worse time to rep the status quo, politically.

triadwatch said...

it will be interesting to see his campaign contributions and is he does give to the PAC of choice. and the orator FEC is classic