Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Greensboro City Employees Had A Lot To Say About Special Interest Groups in Greensboro

Below is a section of the City of Greensboro Employee Opinion Survey


Update from Sara Williams, Labor Market Developer of the North Carolina
Employment Security Commission, on the Employee Opinion Survey.

Catering to Special Interest Groups:
◦ Playing politics to gain favor with a particular group.
◦ City council should stop working on pet projects and work on the
core services the city provides. Stop spending money on non-profits
and special interest.
◦ Stop catering to political action groups.
◦ Stop allowing special interest groups to influence decision making.
◦ Stop catering to special interests at the expense of the taxpayers and
◦ Allowing developers to run the city through city council.
◦ I feel that the CMO should stop catering to the whims of
◦ Showing favoritism with local developers, people with a lot of
◦ Stop playing favorites with contractors and politicians.
◦ Stop trying to please every special interest group in the city.

As you can see the city employees are none too happy with the City of Greensboro in their total disregard for the citizens and catering to the special interest groups.

If you want a big example of how the Greensboro City Council caters to the special interest group all you need to do is look at how the Greensboro City Council handled the rights of the citizens in their denial of Protest Petitions for over 37 years and back in January they wanted the 2 sides one being the Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition (TREBIC) and the other side which are the citizens of Greensboro along with the Coalition of Concerned Citizens of The Triad, League of Women Voters of the Piedmont Triad and the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress to meet at the last minute on a compromise on state law. To see the city council try to come up with this joke of a compromise on state law was such a obvious bow down to TREBIC and the special interest group. You can also note that this bill should have been passed last year in the short session because it was on their radar screen for over 3 months.The TREBIC special interest group lobbied hard for the council to do nothing and bombarded the state legislators with why the citizens of Greensboro should be denied this state law that every other municipality had the right to use in zoning cases.

Why don't we do another survey on just how many special interest group members are on all of these boards and commissions in Greensboro because last year it was said by Mike Barber at a council meeting in April 2008 that "TREBIC has been contacted and TREBIC has some interest". CLICKHERE for that post at Protest Petition for Greensboro North Carolina blog.That post has to deal with the propaganda letter sent to our state legislators to deny protest petitions to the citizens of Greensboro.

Just look at what was said by the employees of Greensboro about the special interest groups, need we say more .Barber,Groat,Perkins,Small,Wade,Matheny,Rakestraw,Wells and Johnson
take your TREBIC blinders off and start working for the citizens of Greensboro.


Anonymous said...

wow...has "some interest". No shit. Everyone does.

Anonymous said...

Who cares. Trebic does more for me than you do.

Anonymous said...

Protest Petitions help developers and your "special interest" groups in alot of circumstances buddy. Especially in downtown areas. Watch what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Sara Williams does alot of bitching with no suggestions. You too. It looks like a second grader wrote that. Wake up! Reality is that money talks. Why would we not favor those who can bring economic prosperity to our city? You're a registered Republican, Keith. This post is communism at its finest. The city relies on the private developers for help because they are not developers. They need to know the reality of what it is like to run successful businesses that will attract new people to its city and keep residents here and exited. What the hell do want? Karl Marx's utopian society has resoundingly failed. You should move to another country that has remnants of communism, well, really just dictators, like cuba or china. Come back and let us know how no 'favoritism' feels. Actually, when you produce more for society, the government takes more. Sounds similar to what you like.