Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't Forget To Check Off Box on N.C. State Tax Forms for Public Financing

Say yes to reform

The news has been rife with reports of immense amounts of money being directed at candidates by special-interest groups in elections across the country.
Luckily, here in North Carolina, we have an alternative “voter-owned elections” program that is a national model for reform. Taxpayers should be sure to check "Yes" in the box on their state income tax returns where it offers the choice to divert $3 to the N.C. Public Campaign Fund. This fund helps to fund judicial candidates who accept strict fundraising and spending limits and refuse to accept money from special-interest groups. It also makes available a useful Voter Guide about candidates and voting. Saying "Yes" does not increase your tax nor does it reduce your refund.

The fund gives us a better option, at least in election of judicial candidates, by making "clean" campaign money available to them if they accept strict fundraising limits.

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