Friday, February 6, 2009

REBIC the TREBIC of Charlotte is Having Hard Times is TREBIC Next

Mary Newsom has a blog in Charlotte called "The Naked City", which talks about growth in Charlotte region CLICKHERE with a post on January 29, 2009 titled "Job Losses at REBIC"

Here is a quote from a commenter on the post,"Forgive me if I have a hard time feeling any sympathy for the clowns at REBIC. The irony of REBIC, as well as its subsidiaries such as the homebuilders associations, is that not only have they harmed - perhaps irreparably - our communities and our very society, they have thrown their own members under the bus too."Rick B . He also adds 6 more paragraphs to his very strong comments about REBIC.

REBIC CLICKHERE is the Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition (REBIC) is an organization of trade associations and private firms formed to take collaborative action on issues of concern to its members in real estate sales, building, development, finance, management and leasing. REBIC is composed of coalition association members in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding region.(source their web site)

Now let's look at Guilford County where we have the same dubious organization called TREBIC which stands for the Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition. CLICKHERE

The Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition is a Guilford County organization of trade associations and business formed in 1999 to take collaborative action in issues of concern to their broad membership engaged in real estate sales, building, development, finance, management and leasing.(source web site).

To see first hand how TREBIC wanted to deny the citizens of Greensboro a basic right in regards to Protest Petitions in the zoning process and to hear their lame presentation in front of the Greensboro City Council it might be time to say good bye to TREBIC or to expose all TREBIC members and where they are on all of these boards and commissions and campaign contributions to local politicians for all to see.

As David Wharton pointed out in his presentation to Greensboro City Council on Protest Petition about the total influence of TREBIC, here is the link to that post from David Wharton CLICKHERE with a title "Protest Petition Passed City Council. On top of that David Wharton also had a ripping of TREBIC and their influence in this post CLICKHERE title "More on Protest Petitions".

We will see what the future brings to the people of Guilford County but organizations like TREBIC are part of the problem not the solution.

The elections in Greensboro will be this fall and you might see a total transformation of council members with a great slogan for those candidates who want to use this on their campaign materials come this fall.


It will be a interesting fall election but hopefully there will be candidates who will work for the people not the special interest as we have seen lately.


Anonymous said...

I DO enjoy Newsbusted. Thank you. BB

triadwatch said...

i will keep it updated everytime for you brenda. They come out with new ones on tuesday and friday.

Fecund Stench said...

Another great post. It's nice to see we have opposition counterparts in the Queen city.

triadwatch said...

thanks fec , they sure did bark up the wrong tree in me when they were in opposition of protest petitions for greensboro especially in may of 08 with their propaganda letter top the state legislators.