Monday, February 16, 2009

Heart of The Triad meeting that got no reports from local media

Below the fold is the minutes from the January 2009 meeting of the Heart of the Triad or click on title above then go to January 2009. It is amazing that not many local papers are writing about this group but everyone needs to look at the long term effects of what they want to do with this land between High Point and Kernersville.

One of the most interesting aspects of what happened during the meeting was to hear the question from Latimer Alexander a High Point City Council member who asked the committee this" if the document would override existing land use plans if approved by other elected bodies." Dick Hails explained that if
adopted, the document would be one of many tools used in the land planning process.
Then Robbie " Pave It " Perkins Greensboro City Council member who is ethically challenged even being on this board also piped in with this comment to everyone," we must have regional cooperation between local elected bodies in order to promote a positive image for the area to become economically attractive."

As you can see the High Point City council member wanted to know that their land use rules and regulations would not be superceded by this document from the Heart of The Triad. It is like how the Greensboro City Council has these 2025 plans for land use in Greensboro but never go by them and rezone the property any way .

Here is the rub when it comes to this Heart of the Triad deal does the City of High Point and Kernersville want to give up their rights to land use plans for their cities for some pipe dream of a regional plan brought together with questionable motives because as Triadwatch has stated before on Heart of the Triad who controls the sewer and water in the area that would be High Point and Kernersville. Any talk of how this area should grow needs to be up to those 2 municipalities.

There is also another aspect of this meeting that came out in that the Piedmont Triad Partnership is working on a PTIA/Aerotropolis project, Robbie Perkins let that out of the bag now we will want to have 2 aerotropolis in the same vicinity of each other and Robbie Perkins want regional cooperation and we come to find out that the airport wants it's own aerotropolis. Amazing how that works out for the people who live out near the airport, cardinal area watch out for what is coming your way and all you have to do is look how fleming road is coming along.



Heart of the Triad Strategic Planning Committee

January 21, 2009

Strategic Planning Committee Members Present:
Richard Linville, Forsyth County Commissioner
Robbie Perkins, Greensboro City Council
Ray Combs, Town of Oak Ridge
David Rowe, Town of Oak Ridge (alternate)
Dana Caudill Jones, Town of Kernersville
Evelyn Terry, Winston-Salem City Council (alternate)

Others Present:
Brent McKinney, Executive Director PART; Paul Norby, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Planning Director; Lee Burnette, City of High Point Planning Director; Lisa Chislett,PART; Jeff Hatling, Community Development Director, Town of Kernersville; Paul Johnson, High Point Enterprise; Dick Hails, Planning Director, City of Greensboro; Bill Bruce, Guilford County Planning Dept.; Randy McCaslin, City of High Point; Gayle Anderson, Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce; Latimer Alexander, High Point CityCouncil; Lydia McIntyre, Greensboro MPO; Stuart Parks,Stakeholder Committee member/Forsyth County-Residential Development; Homer Wade, Stakeholder Committee member, Guilford County Commercial Development; Ricky S. Idol, Forsyth and Guilford property owner; Rob Bencini, Guilford County; Bruce Boyer, Kernersville Chamber of Commerce; Jimmy Morgan, Stakeholder Committee member/resident;Joanne Morgan, resident; Doris Chappell, Stakeholder Committee member/resident;
Blake Cox, Stakeholder Committee member/resident; Dr. Pat Schreiber, Stakeholder Committee chairperson/resident; David Ceiner, Stakeholder Committee member/resident; Chris Frantz, Stakeholder Committee member/resident; Rafe &Marianne Royle, residents; Cathy Poole, resident.

Co-Chairman Richard Linville called the meeting to order.

Co-Chairman Linville asked for any comments on the October meeting minutes.

If no corrections were needed, he asked for a motion of approval.
Motion by: Robbie Perkins to approve the October minutes.
Second by: Ray Combs.
Vote: Unanimous.

Paul Norby gave an overview of the agenda and status of the study/planning process to
He also reviewed the Vision Statement and the Draft Assurances.
2Discussion of Goals and Objectives.

Lee Burnette reviewed the draft Goals and Objectives for the plan. The set of
assurances and goals and objectives contained in the document will serve as the
guidelines for the Heart of the Triad project planning process. He stated that the document had been discussed and approved by the Planning Directors and the Stakeholders Committee. The combined efforts of both committees created one document for presentation to the SPC. Mr. Perkins praised the document and expressed appreciation to both committees for working together.
Mr. Combs liked the document but also wanted to include planning for public schools in the area.

Mr. Perkins suggested involving the group working on the PTIA/Aerotropolis project through the Piedmont Triad Partnership office in the planning process. He noted that PART is also continuing work on the Seamless Mobility project for regional public transportation and working on a multi-modal regional transportation facility project.

Audience members asked if the public would have an opportunity for input during the process. Mr. Norby stated that there will be scheduled public input meetings and the planning directors and Stakeholder Committee members will continue to work together on details of the project including a schedule of events.Dr. Schreiber stated that the committees had worked many hours and closely together to present one document.

Ms. Terry asked about the reference to “governance” in the goals and objectives. Mr.Norby explained that it was included to reiterate that there would not be another layer of government in the area.

Latimer Alexander, High Point City Councilman, asked if the document would override existing land use plans if approved by other elected bodies. Dick Hails explained that if adopted, the document would be one of many tools used in the land planning process.Mr. Perkins stated that we must have regional cooperation between local elected bodies in order to promote a positive image for the area to become economically attractive.

Motion by: Ray Combs to adopt the presented Goals and Objectives document
with the inclusion of additional language to include the public schools.

Second by: Robbie Perkins.
Vote: Unanimous.

Audience member, Cathy Poole, asked the SPC to formally adopt the American
Planning Association ethical principals in planning. Co-Chairman Linville stated, as previously discussed at length on June 3, 2008, each member of the SPC is appointed by an elected body and is accountable to that body and to the electorate. In addition,each member as an elected official takes an oath of office and is subject to state laws and jurisdictional ethical policies. If anyone feels a member has violated ethical principals they are subject to, they should discuss information regarding such with the City or County Attorney of that jurisdiction.
3Mr. Combs asked that a letter be written to Forsyth and Guilford County school
superintendents regarding inclusion in this process.Future SPC meeting date will be announced later.

Motion by: Robbie Perkins to adjourn the meeting.
Second by: Ray Combs.
Vote: Unanimous.


Bubba said...

Perkins is something else, isn't he?

He can't wait to slather even more NAI signs across an even greater expanse of territory unhindered by anyone or anything.

Why does this guy not get taken down?

triadwatch said...

there needs to be a drastic change come fall in Greensboro City Council elections. You can also add how his company is the leasing gent for roy carroll and his center city point. Let's see when all the bells and whistle's come from the usual suspects and not let everyone know the politics of roy carroll and his political action committee giving to the city council members.

We will see come fall but there needs to be a complete overhaul come fall.