Sunday, January 25, 2009

Letter of Inquiry to the State Board of Elections on Simkins PAC and Action Greensboro

It is time someone ask the questions that need to be answered and Triadwatch has sent a letter to the North Carolina State Board of Election. Below the fold is the letter sent to the state. This was first reported back in November on Triadwatch , CLICKHERE then fellow blogger Joe Guarino had a post titled "Action Greensboro's Pay to Play", CLICKHERE , and now this past week John Hammer from Rhino Times has a front page article titled "A Questionable Campaign Gift", CLICKHERE , hey John better late than never. This issue has brought up a lot of issues and it is time that the citizens of Guilford County start playing by the rules and laws of this state in regards to campaign laws.

Below is the letter sent to the North Carolina Board of Elections in regards to some questionable campaign gifts as the Rhino Times has titled.The letter was sent a few months ago and is still sitting in Raleigh. We will see what the State Board of Elections has to say about this issue. Stay tune.

North Carolina Board of Elections
ATTN: Kim Strach, Director of Campaign Finance
P.O.Box 27255
Raleigh, N.C.27611-7255

This is a formal inquiry into the 3rd quarter campaign contributions for the George C Simkins Jr Memorial Political Action Committee
SBOE ID # STA-C3750N-C-001

According to their 3rd quarter campaign disclosure report for 2008 on page 3 of form there is a $5,000 contribution from

Action Greensboro
317 S. Elm Street
Greensboro N.C. 27401

This contribution brings up a lot of issues that need to be resolved or brought to the attention of the NCBOE. Below is a few questions that need to be addressed.

Is the maximum contribution $4,000 per cycle?

Can a 501c3 non profit organization like Action Greensboro give to a PAC?

It is listed as contributions from indviduals on line #6 under receipts, how is that possible?

Victor Farah has no job title or employers name under contributor information, is that allowable? NCGS 163-278.11 states that this needs to be provided and the best efforts for the treasurer is out the door on this treasurer Mr. Alston.

Is it also illegal for a professional association, corporation or business entity to contribute to a political committee under NCGS 163-278.19?

Also on 4-17-08 on the first quarter reports there is a outside source of funding which is a transfer of funds from a certificate of deposit, the question, is this a legitimate outside source and do they have to disclose the whole funding from this certificate of deposit or can it be a open funding tool with no indication of how much money is there to be had?

The enclosed attachments will highlight the problems with this report from this Political Action Committee.

These are some questions that need to be answered about this Political Action Committee and would like a response back as soon as possible and a e-mail to see if there is something else that needs to be done to find out about this issue with the George C Simkins Jr. Memorial PAC. Thank you very much and a reply is requested as soon as possible.

Keith T. Brown
3728 Pembroke Terrace
High Point North Carolina 27265

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