Wednesday, December 3, 2008

T Dianne Bellamy-Small Wants To Know Who Are The Falcons?

Greensboro City Council Member T Dianne Bellamy-Small during the council meeting on December 2, 2008 was congratulating the new McDonald's that has opened up at the loop intersection off of I-85 bypass in her district which is # 1.

During the agenda where matters are discussed by members of council at around the 3:08:20 mark on video CLICKHERE then proceed to the December 2, 2008 video, T Dianne Bellamy-Small was talking about the hustle and bustle of the McDonald's and how there were high school students, they were the Falcons and I don't know what high school that is but they had Falcons as their mascot.

Let's help T Dianne Bellamy-Small out on just who the Falcons are. This High School has been around since 1962 and the school name is South East Guilford High School CLICKHERE , and you can also add South East Guilford Middle School CLICKHERE because they are also called Falcons. This high school and middle school are right down the road from your district #1, so next time when some High School or Middle School kids comes into the new McDonald's off of the bypass 85-40 remember that the Falcons are from South East Guilford High School and Middle School.
We report you decide.


E.C. Huey said...

...and these people are ELECTED! Sheesh!

triadwatch said...

It was funny to see the video, i couldn't believe she said, amazing