Thursday, October 9, 2008

School Board Candidate Sandra Alexander Made To Take Down Unlawful Campaign Site


Guilford County At-Large School Board candidate Sandra Alexander was told to take down her campaign website because it violated North Carolina Law.Sandra Alexander a former English professor at N.C. A&T State University is the owner and CEO a local sightseeing tour and transportation business called Greensboro Scenic Tours. This is where as you can see from the address on her website
that she was promoting her candidancy on her business website in violation of election law.The website is down at the moment to take off her candidancy for school board at large, Triadwatch didn't get a print screen to show you the site but it was a place promoting her candidancy.

Triadwatch made a inquiry with the Guilford County Board of Elections to see if it is acceptable for a candidate to have her business promote her candidancy as a part of her business website.This inquiry went to the State Board of Elections who made a decision that this violated the North Carolina General Statute cited below.

§ 163‑278.15. No acceptance of contributions made by corporations, foreign and domestic, or other prohibited sources.
(a) No candidate, political committee, political party, or treasurer shall accept any contribution made by any corporation, foreign or domestic, regardless of whether such corporation does business in the State of North Carolina, or made by any business entity, labor union, professional association, or insurance company. This section does not apply with regard to entities permitted to make contributions by G.S. 163‑278.19(f).

It is great to see more candidates use the internet to get their message across unlike a certain candidate for Guilford County Commissioner At-Large named Wendell Sawyer who thinks that a non campaign is a better campaign, can't wait to see those numbers. Sorry for the sidebar on Mr. Sawyer.

Back to the post, internet sites are great to get out your point of view but having it be a part of your business site was a violation and needed to be fixed. Now if we can get all these campaign treasurers to fill out their campaign forms correctly than transparency in local campaigns and the contributors can be seen by all.Triadwatch will be looking at all campaign forms and trying to find major violations that need to be fixed for example Guilford County Commissioner Skip Alston had problems with his campaign forms that were reported to the Guilford County Board of Elections CLICKHERE by Triadwatch. The transparency in local government needs to change for the citizens of the TRIAD.Have a great weekend.

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