Saturday, August 16, 2008

Guidestar , Searchable database of U.S. nonprofits and charities' activities and finances

If you care about nonprofits and the work they do, then you're affected by what GuideStar does—even if this is your first visit to or CLICKHERE. You see, we gather and publicize information about nonprofit organizations. Our reach is far and wide. Our database is broad and deep.

GuideStar's mission is to revolutionize philanthropy and nonprofit practice by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving.

We encourage nonprofits to share information about their organizations openly and completely. Any nonprofit in our database can update its report with information about its mission, programs, leaders, goals, accomplishments, and needs—for free. We combine the information that nonprofits supply with data from several other sources. You'll find GuideStar data:
on this Web site

This web site is a great place to see where all of our local non profits do with their money like Action Greensboro,Bryan Foundation, High Point Community Foundation, Terry Charitable Foundation,Center for Creative Leadership,Community Foundation of Greensboro,Atlantic Coast Conference, and Sit in Movement Inc..

It is free to sign up , the only thing you need is a valid e-mail address.



The site has been on my sidebar for years.

Tax returns are how I figured out I had been swindled - not that anyone in the Randolph County DA's office cares.

The other problem is that the MSM does not want to know what is really going on in the deep, dark, largely unpoliced world of "non-profits" (and the public is clueless).

Might disrupt the power structure.


P.S. I need to link you. Will try to get around to that this weekend.

triadwatch said...

dr. Johnson please do link, I didn't know it existed but is a great tool for transparency that i am a big fan of. Thanks for commenting.

triadwatch said...

you are linked