Monday, July 28, 2008

Independent Voters of Guilford County here is your link to the Candidates from TRIADWATCH

This message is to all the independent voters of Guilford County who need a place to check out all the candidates who are on the ballot in November from Guilford County. On the side of TRIADWATCH there are links to each candidates web site from the President of the United States candidates,U.S. House candidates, North Carolina Governor candidates, all the way down to a very interesting local race in High Point between John Faircloth and Jim Corey.

If there are any websites that need to be updated please let TRIADWATCH know .

One of the most disturbing aspects of these districts is to see the high number of local politicians who have no opposition in this state some of this is due to the lovely word called gerrymandering.There is hope to change this process in the future one organization is trying to make a difference North Carolina Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform CLICKHERE , they also have a section called restoring voter choice and accountability CLICKHERE . When the U.S. Census comes out with their numbers in a few years the process of gerrymandering will play out for all to see and the Party in power will manipulate to their advantage. Also BlueNC has a great article on this issue CLICKHERE , there you can see U.S. House of Representatives Mel Watt's gerrymandered district or just look above.

For example, here is the list of all Guilford County Candidates with no opposition,

N.C. State Senate #26
Phil Berger, no opposition
N.C. State Senate #28
Katie Dorsett, no opposition
N.C. State Senate #33
Stan Bingham, no opposition

State House # 57
Pricey Harrison, no opposition
State House #60
Earl Jones, no opposition
State House#61
Laura Wiley, no opposition
State House#62
John Blust, no opposition

Register of Deeds
Jeff Thigpen, no opposition

Guilford County Commissioners
Billy Yow, no opposition
Mike Winstead, no opposition
Skip Alston, no opposition

Guilford County Board of Education
Amos Quick, no opposition
J.Carlvena Foster, no opposition
Paul Daniels, no opposition
Kris Cooke, no opposition

High Point Mayor
Becky Smothers, no opposition

High Point Ward #1
Bernita Sims, no opposition
High Point Ward#3
Mike Pugh, no opposition
High Point Ward#4
Bill Bencini, no opposition
High Point Ward#5
Christopher Whitley, no opposition
there is also another post on this subject where brenda bowers remembered from the past and here is the link CLICKHERE


Anonymous said...

Gerrymandering should be outlawed, because it is one of the greatest detriments to a truly democratic government we have ever had short of an outright dictatorship IMO. This will never change because it insures the incumbent remains in office as long as he/she wants to. Then a hand picked successor takes over.

Many people and groups over the past century have tried to change this system with no luck at all. They have been treated as your Protest Petition is being treated

Potatostew (Anthony P.) once did a good blog on this and showed how Guilford Country should be divided. BB

triadwatch said...

brenda is there a way to see that blog on this issue?

triadwatch said...

brenda i found the post from david boyd's site great article here it is

Anonymous said...

Anthony's post was so long ago. Maybe as much as two years so I wouldn't know where to begin to look. Thank you for David's site. BB

triadwatch said...

brenda we need to be all over this one when the census comes out in a few years to get a non partisan commission committee together to make a change for the people not the politicians