Thursday, July 24, 2008

Greensboro Based North Carolina Association of Realtors Has Some Explaining To Do

Greensboro based North Carolina Association of Realtors click here will have to do some explaining to the North Carolina Board of Elections. As reported today by the News and Observer Under the Dome click here .

One of the points of contention is the Realtors PAC supporting ballot intiatives, but if you can see from their web site the Realtors PAC has this to say,

The North Carolina REALTORS® Political Action Committee (“NC RPAC”) is a non-partisan committee organized for the specific purpose of raising funds to support political candidates of all parties at the local, state and federal levels of government. We take great pride in the fact that NC RPAC consistently is the No. 1 business PAC in the state! It is essential that we are able to support the candidates that will fight for issues important to us when elected. Your RPAC contributions are the key to our being able to make a difference in the Legislature

As you can see there isn't one mention of supporting ballot intiatives for their PAC only candidates.

Also on Tuesday July 22, 2008, it seems like a mini upheavel with some of the realtors of this state because the N.C. Realtors are demanding more money for dues in part because their Issues Mobilization Fund was depleted down to $263,000 because of the land transfer tax ballots in 19 counties which was defeated all over this state, Greensboro News and Record AP story on this issue click here .

It will be interesting to see what the North Carolina Board of Elections has to say about this.

There is a site dedicated to the overreaching power of the North Carolina Association of Realtors,


It is called Stop the N C Home Ticks

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