Saturday, February 18, 2012

On Noise and What May Actually Be Happening: Went to see Led Head at Greene Street Club Last Night

Looking out from the rooftop bar,
imagining what someone on the patio of the taxpayer subsidised penthouse
would be looking at late in the evening,
I noticed a long line, not in front of Greene Street,
but in front of a club next door.

Most of those waiting in line were African American.

As I recall, when the big push came for the downtown teen curfew,
which is now expired,
it seemed as though some who wanted to "clean up" downtown
were seemingly targeting clubs
where mostly African Americans tended to frequent.

If one were to look down from Center Pointe on Greene Street,
an observer, most likely white, relatively wealthy etc...
would probably see a good deal of very nicely dressed people,
but most likely not of same color.

Didn't the park in front of Center Pointe
begin to close at 11pm to clear out many
who were considered to be loitering?

Seems to me that to sell high end condos
in a downtown with night clubs
would be easier without seeing non white visuals
from the balconies.

Maybe noise isn't the whole issue here.

George Hartzman


Anonymous said...

Racist Downtown Condo Owners Alert!

Anonymous said...

If they donate to black politicians does that mitigate their racism?