Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ed Wolverton and Milton Kern on "Safety," in Downtown Greensboro

"Ed Wolverton, president of Downtown Greensboro Inc.,
worked with Matheny on the proposals.

“A community may say they want the license for any nightclub
that stays open after 11 p.m. or maybe 12 a.m.” ...Wolverton said.

Wolverton said the ...proposal is related to two incidents last summer
when a club had a “teen night” that led to fighting in a parking lot.

Should two incidents = restrictions for all teens?

Milton Kern...was another business leader who helped craft the proposals.

“The nightclub owners have to understand
they have to be responsible business people
and not have a 'shoot ’em up,’ wild night life,” Kern said.

Didn't the N Club already voluntarily shut down?

“We are trying to bring back sanity to a night life that has run rampant.”

Kern said he understands concerns that some owners have about the proposals,
but safety should be the main goal.

“If (customers) want to go to High Point Road, they are free to go there,” Kern said.

What does "they are free to go there" mean?

What does mentioning High Point Road imply?

What (customers) are "they"?

“The point is we want to make sure we are safe downtown...”

Who are "we," and what does "safe" mean?

Ryan Seals

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g said...

Were they not talking about my kids, but some other kinds of kids they don't care for?

Is this about all kids, or just about some kids that are different looking than others?