Sunday, February 19, 2012

John Amberg on Robbie and the Performing Arts Center Process

"Remember, this is the same mayor
who pledged to listen to all sides.

This is the mayor who pledged to let everyone have a voice.

Now this same mayor is saying "this is going to happen."

And just to make sure it's going to happen,
the person to lead the PAC task force is-voila!
-the mayor's campaign manager.

THIS is the new day Greensboro was promised?

This is change?

This is leadership?

We can debate the merits of a performing arts center
until the earth cools.

Sure, it would be nice.

But the way it's being conducted, the good-old-boy system,
the turns my stomach.

Don't you expect better out of the people
who campaigned on a platform of change?

I can't believe people are okay with this.

I can't believe there is no outrage over the process.

This stinks on ice."

John Amberg


Collards said...


What is your source for this?

Context is sometimes helpful, yah know.

Billy Jones said...

If Craftyboro were crafty enough to follow hyperlinks he would know the source.

Anonymous said...

Did people really expect Robbie not to rule with an iron fist? Any city that throws hundreds of millions away by not re-opening WSL are total fools and deserve what they get. Higher taxes for everyone to keep it closed. You voted for higher taxes now you are going to pay for the new GPAC with your hard eanred money. Playground for the rich and famous! Y'all been played by the "establishment" in Greensboro. Too late to take your blinders off now cause this is a done deal and the taxman already on the way.

Collards said...

Sorry Billy,

I missed it........