Saturday, February 11, 2012

From "Outlook for Job Growth Muted," and the Greensboro Partnership Study that President and CEO Patrick Danahy refuses to release or comment on

"In Guilford County, nearly 24,500 didn't have jobs"

So instead of concentrating on high paying job growth,
let's borrow to build a theater
so wealth created by many can be transfered to the few
who bought a majority of City Council votes with campaign cash?

"...both Guilford and the state
ended 2011 with more people unemployed
than was the case the previous December."

While Greensboro's City Council taxes property owners
more than $8 million per year to keep the White Street Landfill Closed?

"Since December 2007 December 2011,
the local metro area has lost 28,700 jobs
...a decline of 7.7%."

Donald Patterson

"Over the last five years the greatest job losses
have come from the Manufacturing industry sector,
down 7,352 jobs or 19 percent.

Over the last five years the greatest job losses
have come from the Production occupational group,
down 5,326 jobs or 18 percent.

In 2009, the inflation adjusted real GDP for Greensboro-High Point
was $28.6 billion...

...6.5 percent below 2008...

Since 2001 per capita GDP in Greensboro-High Point
has fallen below the nation, declining by 7.5 percent."

From a confidential study done by Garner Economics LLC
to produce the Greensboro Partnership's 2012 Strategic Plan
accidentally and very temporarily put online at the Partnership's website
that J. Patrick Danahy, President and CEO of The Greensboro Partnership
refuses to release or comment on

What will Greensboro's press report,
after not reporting on Greensboro's City Teen Curfew expired,
and attendance at the ACC Hall of Champions
and the News & Record's conflicts with a downtown PAC,
and Robbie's tax break from Guilford County
and Robbie's property across from GTCC
and etc....?

What if GN&R editors choose not to report
on important findings in a confidential study
in which the Publisher and Editorial Board contributor
was on an undisclosed list of participants 
surveyed for the secret study, whose purpose is to sell more debt 
to City of Greensboro and Guilford County taxpayers?

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