Monday, December 14, 2009

Disbursements made by City of Greensboro with the Usual Suspects

Looking at the City of Greensboro agenda for 12-15-2009 there are some disbursements that need to be shown and for all the citizens to know what your tax money goes to. Here is a partial list of disbursements made by city treasurer.

- Greensboro News & Record $15,716.62
- Action Greensboro from 10-12/09 $87,500
- Bryan Park Golf payment for the 4th installment, 3rd term per contract $31,250
- Downtown Greensboro Improvement Corp.-2nd quarter contribution for municipal service district services $120,000
- East Market Street Development Corp. 2nd quarter contribution $10,000
- Greensboro Sports Commision 2nd quarter contribution $18,750
- Sit-in Movement - 3rd year commitment funding for International Civil Rights Center and Mueum $250,000

Your tax money at work locally.

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