Friday, March 23, 2012

A little from the bio of the fellow presenting along with Dan Lynch, at the "Economic Development Briefing", Tuesday, March 28 at 8AM at City Hall.

"Jonathan Sangster is a Senior Managing Director with CBRE Consulting...

He leads a team that delivers strategic real estate solutions to corporate clients,
focusing on business location solutions and corporate real estate strategies.

...Mr. Sangster assists clients in finding “best fit” locations
that align with their strategic business objectives.

...Mr. Sangster’s expertise focuses
on ...evaluation and negotiation of state and local economic incentives.

...Mr. Sangster has represented and assisted many clients
including American Pharmaceutical Partners, ...Caterpillar...

...Mr. Sangster was a CBRE Top 225 Performer in 2010.

Mr. Sangster has been a featured speaker at various industry events
including ...Area Development’s Consultant Forum...

He was also recently nominated and appointed to The Site Selectors Guild,
a consortium of top global site location consultants,
as one of the twelve internationally acclaimed founding members."

Hat Tip Ed


Licensed Real Estate Broker, Georgia

CoreNet Global, Member


M.B.A. in Finance, Georgia State University

B.A. in Civil Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

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